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Zlata Vrijedan d.o.o.

for business consultancy and services

Haendelova ulica 4
HR-10000 Zagreb
Europe (EU)

+385 91/ 5832 422

Our services also include a very special beauty studio for hairdressing, manicure and pedicure in Ozaljska 13, Zagreb. You must come and see (you have to cut your hair from time to time anyhow). It is full of plants and flowers, you might think it is a flower shop (but it isn’t!). We are proud of that. Because it is arranged with all our hart(s).

Services included: Hairdressing, Pedicure, and Manicure
For Ladies and Gentlemen

Beauty Center / Frizerski Studio

Working hours:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday   8 AM – 2 PM  
Tuesday and Thursday  1 PM – 7 PM
Or by other agreement
Please call +385 98/9956 271 and make a reservation of your beauty treatment in beauty studio.
Thank you!

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