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Key benefits

From the very first beginning, quality was and remains a mystery. How come? Nobody has seen „her“. Only the non-appearance or lack of it. Do you agree with this thought?

You might think what you want but the mystery of Mrs. Quality is an old story we see „her“ each day-on mistakes in sales, lost parts, wrong deliveries, different documents used for same purpose, customer complaints etcetc. Guess you don't want to listen to this anymore.
But you might be interested to get a grip on quality issues at once! We can help and provide you with insight view of Total Quality Management system that bends the issues over the knee. An get the hell out of this things called „non conformity“, „wrong part“, „lost document“.

Our services includes watching, thinking, acting and evaluating the whole process beginning with system start-up, audits and tune-up.


  • key issues and benefits
  • management commitment
  • present system analysis
  • action and to-do plans
  • documentation build-up
  • project management


  • ISO 9001, ISO 14000 and ISO 50001 internal and external audits
  • audit reports with to-do list
  • support during certification process


  • system fine tune-up
  • process re-engineering
  • start-up and maintenance of internal innovation systems
  • guts to start over again from point 1 of your quality system
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