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Zlata Vrijedan d.o.o.

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AHU selection software


KLIMA SELEKTOR is web based Air-handling unit selection software. It is designed with state-of the art web technology including MVC platform, C# and AngularJS interface, 3D visualization tools, responsive design on multi-platform environment suitable for sales and technical support of your sales team, end-customers support and manufacturing process.

For end users we provide multi-language support, multiple export file formats like DOCX, PDF, AutoDesk Revit®, IFC, DXF and much more.


ZLATA VRIJEDAN is focused on tailor-made solutions in HVAC business. Our specialties includes Air-handling unit software design and support, certification and manufacturing support, project management and tailor-made IT and ERP solutions. Our key customers are leading Croatian HVAC manufacturers.


Having a lot of experience in software design and support brings the new product to the market – tailor made web-based selection software for Air-handling units (like pool units, compact units with heat recovery etc.).

Software release is planned for end of 2018.


Our satisfied customers are manufacturing companies of HVAC products in Croatia, European Union and worldwide. We support them in quality control, ICT, software design & support, manufacturing and sales activities. Our services are usually on turn-key basis. We grow together with our customers.

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