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Zlata Vrijedan d.o.o.

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Project description: to become competitive dynamic and export-orientated company, well known by high quality software solutions and good after-sales, wide knowledge and solutions in HVAC branch and support for improvement SME business of AHU manufacturers in region. Purpose of the project is developing a new product-pool air-handling unit’s selection software. Investment in new product will benefit with holding present employments and making new employments, increasing turnover from export, increasing the market share and getting new customers and new market share with usage of new technologies and solutions. For further prospering work, company is very active in studying trends in HVAC branch, willing to invest in new, modern technologies, knowledge, software and to develop own product and employees with improved sales and marketing activities.

The goal is making a new product – pool air-handling selection software. Company wants to become competitive and export orientated business, well-known by reliable software solutions and after-sales support, specific knowledge and solutions in HVAC branch, willing to increase market shares, increase the employment and turnovers in export.
Successful implementation of the project goals will ensure the following:
- holding the present employment – 2 employees
- employment of 1 new employee
- increasing the incomes to 780.000,00 Kn till year 2019
-increasing the incomes form export to 110.000,00 Kn till year 2019

  • Total project budget is 366.400,00 Kn
  • Total EU grant financed by the EU fund is 300.000,00 Kn
  • Project duration: 13.6.2017 till 13.10.2018.
  • Contact person for more info: Mr. Tomislav Jakšić, handy +385 91 5832 422
  • www.strukturnifondovi.hr