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ICT infrastructure design

We plan, design, create, test, implement, maintain, re-design, re-engineer... Whatever it takes to make it work – just as you wanted! ICT solutions might frustrate users trying to get out the basic things in a „forest of promises“ of solution providers


That's where we jumping in – helping end-users and key customers to express their needs and solution providers to fulfill this on a best possible and reliable way. There is no thing that IT geeks cannot program and no thing that most undemanding customer can imagine. We can join both parts together in useful and strong relation. No impossible expectations, no endless promises. Just what you want. And something more. Let us help so your craziest imaginations and dreams come true on easiest way.

Planning of communication networkdesigning system, technical specification of devices and services, ISP and phone services provider selection, IP and WLAN communication solution selection

Planning of IT infrastructure designing of IT network, IT equipment design and selection, technical specification of devices and services, cloud solution analysis, backup plans, security planning, software licensing, contracting of outsourcing services

Planning software platforms and solutions – to get the best of all available software applications users have or to extend the platform(s) used for business growth, implementation of new solutions and software’s, resolving multi-platform connectivity and compatibility, end-users testing and acceptance and much more…


Experienced to work with following equipment and platforms:


Database design and maintenance

Databases are our passion! A set of data collected to became a very useful and powerful information. For your growing business! Each day you collect more data and become stronger and stronger on the market.


Small CSO organization requested a help on software solution for project management, administration, accounting. We suggested an Access database solution with VBA front end. Server infrastructure was not changed. Database was installed on a server, reachable from outside by TeamViewer and VPM connection.

Database structure was copied and adjusted to previous Dbase IV and Clipper program used in the past for similar purpose. Some new features were installed (linked documents, mass PDF printouts, to-do list and reminders of key features). Database structure was adjusted to hold more CSO branches across Croatia cities.

Program is regularly updated and front-end is versioned for end users version tracking. System is working for several years without a major problem. Support is organized as email contact service and on-line help by phone. Also supported by the state administration personal involved in Ministry of social services and war veteran affairs.

Experienced to work with following platforms:


Custom made software solutions

Includes all sorts of Access and SQL Server database design and maintenance, VBA and VB .Net programming and software design. Including tailor made solutions of own ERP system for SME companies, CSO etc.


We can rapidly design and development of all kind of Access and SQL Server databases for various purposes, with front-end interface (forms, reports, queries), with great knowledge and experience in HVAC & R  (Heating, Ventilation, Air-conditioning and refrigeration), CSO (Civil Society Organization), SME (Small and Medium enterprises) and environmental protection

Tailor-made solutions – performance improvement of wide range of applications, designing, implementing and servicing the new solutions, export/import of data, data integrity checks, data transfers, switching to freeware software solutions (where possible)

State of the art advanced tips&tricks for MS Office applications and automation – how to get a best from MS Word, MS Excel and MS Access. We can help design and develop a simple or huge solutions based on VBA programing, using modular or active blocks, filters, pivot tables, ODBC connections etc.

VBA and .Net programming platform, used for rapid development of easy plug-and-play solutions for all kind of daily work and business needs. Usable for automation of MS Office 2010, 2013 and 2016 applications (mailing, active blocks, macro, OLE object manipulation, linking to databases, tailor made forms and solutions), development of small Access database object with front-end forms, reports, queries etc.

Your benefits: state-of-the art computer tailor-made programing, rapid development, user friendly interface, data check and testing on real life situations

Some key projects and own custom made products:

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