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Zlata Vrijedan d.o.o.

for business consultancy and services

Haendelova ulica 4
HR-10000 Zagreb
Europe (EU)

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AIRCALC++ Support

Specialized for providing on-line and off-line support and services for special AHU selection software like AIRCALC++ and other HVAC&R selection software.
Software support includes services like contacting present and potential AHU component suppliers, data collection, data sorting and grouping, data integrity check, data input from catalogues, connection to supplier databases, consultancy of suggested types and design suitable for the different purposes, options setup, testing


We are AIRCALC++ specialists for implementing different solutions with more than a decade of experience working with the software. The services includes support and development with various and specialized HVAC&R branch knowledge and state-of-the art software support for data collection, data integrity check, data entry, rules setup, testing, Visual Basic .Net macro programing.

AIRCALC++ is one of the leading AHU design software in EU, product of ISC Gmbh, Vilpian, Italy.
Read more on:http://isc.azurewebsites.net/Products/AHUDesignerandSelector.aspx

ZLATA VRIJEDAN is specialist for AIRCALC++ Air-handling unit’s selection software.

Your benefits: support for modules like sales, BOM, casing, automatic control, refrigeration circuit calculation. Great experience in AHU design, market trends and rules, suppliers, customers, regulation. EUROVENT, ErP and other relevant market certification labels could be supported.

Company already supporting several AHU and HVAC&R branch manufacturing companies around EU. You can rely on us-our knowledge, experience and support in your business growth.

HVAC Software development

Our team is specialized for providing consultancy and support for design and development of all sorts of HVAC&R software and after-sales support
We can design, develop, implement and support a wide range of software application for daily work of worldwide companies in HVAC&R branch or tailor made solutions for rapid business growth and improvement of end-user support.


Solution provider for BRŽE VIŠE BOLJE d.o.o. as a leading Croatian HVAC&R software development company with references in CFD, FEM, ship calculation program CAFE and all sorts of rapid development of tailor-made software solutions for fast growing SME companies
Your benefits: A decades of experience in HVAR&R branch and professional knowledge, professional and market business intelligence.


HVAC Business development

More than a decade of work in HVAC&R branch gave us an opportunity to gather a lot of experience we can give back to companies in HVAC&R branch, especially for small and rapidly growing SME. While working for many years in HVAC&R business, we met so many great people, engineers, technicians and all of them filled us with joy needed to survive and struggle with most complex life and business situations. That builds as on the way we are standing now.


That experience I can transfer back in a field of consultancy or coaching services for all sorts of life and business situations you might imagine.

  • Expanding markets and product range
  • Sales network grow up
  • Market intelligence and analysis
  • Software adjustments
  • HVAC&R professional advisory
  • Engineering support
  • Market contacts and networking
  • Legal framework analysis and consultancy
  • Technical conformity and product development
  • Proof of concept and prototyping


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Have contacts with all the HVAC&R branch in Croatia, European Union and worldwide!

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