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Every good project starts with a good preparation. Thinking how the project will start and end at the very first beginning shows you have a responsibility to yourself, your company and your people. Because it is very easy to follow the good plan than solving the bad things that came along.

Project brainstorm usually includes the top management and key personal on a session to gather all the ideas that might be useful to think of. There will be no stupid ideas coming on an initial project brainstorm. Stupid thing might come later in case of lack of ideas.

Brainstorm usually preform a dozen of ideas that has to be evaluated, checked and estimated in price, resources and time schedule.





Usually it starts with the overview of projects that are opened or forecasted. Forecasted projects are even better because of the additional time you have for project brainstorm and preparation of documents.

Next step includes the check of project pre-conditions. If the project pre-conditions are not fulfilled (either on formal or conceptual design), you might just forget it!
Then you will need to plan the resources for applying on a tender call. Includes in-house project manager and team together with experts and professional. The key success is finished application applied in time and scope of documents.



Includes the time after signing the contract and project start-up. Includes a kick-off and regular meetings with project manager and her/his team. Includes the support during the decision making (especially the rough ones!), support by the project sponsor (top management or company owner), project reporting to authorities and company board of management, project team workout, handling the specific tasks declared in the project documentation (planned and not-planned!) and fulfilling the project budget (money, resources, time schedule).


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