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Support on ERP implementations

Did you know that every ERP solution implementation is having a bigger chance NOT TO SUCCEED then to succeed? If not, believe us-it is true! But you don't have to learn on your own mistakes. We did it for you (several times in our lives before). Now it is a time to show you how the things must be done 3 times – FIRST TIME, LAST TIME AND ALL THE TIME. To do it right! Implementation starts with good project management, following key users’ needs and expectations and limited time frame and budget. These are the actual limits. But in reality, only sky is the limit to get the best of each ERP implementation.


And do not forget the “living truth” – sometimes actual ERP solutions do not need to be thrown away in the garbage – they just need a tuning or face-lift. It is cheaper, faster and better for the business. Re-think this. Maybe you will find it suitable for your business. We can help you re-think. Re-design. Re-install. Re-consider. Re-organize. We can do it. And we will do it!

Services includes:

  • GAP analysis of ERP system used and business needs
  • Comparison of multiple offers from different ERP solution providers
  • ERP implementation project planning
  • ERP Implementation project management
  • Forming and leading small implementation teams with specific tasks
  • Data collection, integrity check, data entry, database conversions
  • End-user support and training

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