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Key benefits

Each procedure, product or employee need some approval, certificate, attestation.
This world is definitely over-regulated but what can we do? We are part of this world as is. It is much easier when you have the partner like us to guide you in this dark forest of licenses, approvals, statements, declarations. We know what else you need also.

Process of certification might begin when you are ready (at the end of the line) but actually must come at the very first beginning. That is only to avoid problems you will ran to during product design, technical preparation, purchase, manufacturing, invoicing, transport, export, unloading, start-up, service... The list of demands is endless. Like our will to help you in this process and save you from overdue, misleads, desperations, disappointments’ and all things like that.


  • build-up of book of standards and guidelines
  • analysis of requirements (mandatory and optional)
  • GAP analysis present - wanted state
  • cost estimation, planning and scheduling
  • project management
  • post - audit support and help
  • and (probably) much much more that is needed


EUROVENT Energy efficiency
CE marking (acc. EU directives)
Compliance to ATEX directive
Russian EAC & GOST
Government permissions
Product testing
ISO quality management system

Our networking companies

Experienced in correspondence and co-operation with following companies, laboratories and notified bodies:


Manufacturing optimisation

Manufacturing should not be dirty, noisy and crowded! Production facilities needs order and clean floors. Many years of experience in HVAC industry and Air handling units manufacturing provides the very best inside view of key industrial manufacturing processes. And this view can help you to improve your own!


Services provides:

  • GAP analysis
  • Manufacturing process optimization by implementing well-known manufacturing techniques like Toyota 20 keys, poka-yoke, Kanban, fishbone, 6-sigma, TQM
  • Waste removal, product cycle shortening, process re-engineering
  • Checking and establishing the standardization of work norms and times (with REFA methods)
  • Manufacturing automation by ICT and ERP support
  • Lean production principles integration
  • Tooling and machinery maintenance plans and optimization
  • Analysis of manufacturing times, statistics, trends
  • Manufacturing documents optimization

Environmental protection

Waste management and disposal can give you a headache! Production of waste in companies and legal bindings to obey the rules for environmental protection is very strict and demanding. We can help you in providing the system of waste management inside your company and disposal with partnership of authorized waste disposal companies in your town or region. Make a profit of your waste! Do not waste your waste!


Our range of services includes:

  • build-up of documents and procedure for waste management
  • legal bindings analysis
  • GAP analysis with legal requirements
  • environmental studies and documentation
  • to-do lists and organization of in-house support
  • waste management in paper and with electronic support
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