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Zlata Vrijedan d.o.o.

for business consultancy and services

Haendelova ulica 4
HR-10000 Zagreb
Europe (EU)

+385 91/ 5832 422

Letter of introduction

Dear visitor or guest or customer,

Thank you for visiting our web page. I am feeling proud to have a chance to introduce You the the company and our key values.

The company name itself represents the value we offer to our clients. But also to our parents, children, friends. We are always the same!
The words „Zlata vrijedan“ comes from the proverb „Good advice is worth of gold“ meaning on Croatian „Dobar savjet je zlata vrijedan“. „Zlata vrijedan“ on Croatian language means „worth of gold“. The name was a 3rd choiceconceived one sleepy morning in a sleeping room during the company name brainstorm. But at the end – it won! Hope you will appreciate that (if knowing us in business).

Founded in 2015 as private enterprise (simple limited liability company - d.o.o.) for business consultancy and services.
Many years of hard work and experience in HVAC&R branch brings the state-of-the art consultancy and professional services to the Croatian, European and (hopefully one day) global market.

We are supporting our customers in their sales, IT, ERP, certification, manufacturing and logistics processes.

Our services also include a very special beauty studio for hairdressing, manicure and pedicure in Ozaljska 13, Zagreb. You must come and see (you have to cut your hair from time to time anyhow). It is full of plants and flowers, you might think it is a flower shop (but it isn’t!). We are proud of that. Because it is arranged with all our hart(s).

If you are an open-minded and have a challenge you are coping with, we can supportyou and your business.
We just like to get things done, line-up and bring shiny on market shelfs. We can also get the best from you as our partner. Also as a human being.

Feel free to contact us at any time. And don’t forget to tell us what problem you have (and we can hopefully solve).
I am pretty sure we can do it together




Company data


Head office

ZLATA VRIJEDAN d.o.o. za poslovno savjetovanje i usluge
Haendelova ulica 4, HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia, Europa
+385 91/5832 422    



OIB 68145873756      
VAT ID HR 68145873756          
MB 4418697       
MBS 080983221
Banka Privredna banka Zagreb d.d.     
Broj računa (IBAN) HR3323400091 110737420     

Beauty Center / Frizerski Studio
Ozaljska 13, Zagreb
+385 98/9956 271


Working hours

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday   8 AM – 2 PM  
Tuesday and Thursday  1 PM – 7 PM
or by other agreement

Please call +385 98/9956 271 and make a reservation of your beauty treatment in beauty studio.
Thank you!


Vision, Mission and strategy

To (proudly)teach our customers and to be (humbly) educated by the customer
To celebrate beauty and make people happy (smile now!)
To give the best from our self anytime anyplace, with all our hearts!
To cross over the limits and borders of customers’expectations.

To be reliable partner for all sorts of consultancy services and help our clients to fulfill all their short-term goals, dreams and ideas.
To teach, to guide, to support our clients and to invent special things they can feel as crucial support to their processes.
To give special value to our clients for developing their business ideas from dreams to reality.
To exceed the customer’s expectations every single day and bring more value and joy than expected.
Improve knowledge rapidly or adopt one new business technique per year.
To listen. Then suggest. Then listen again. Then invent. Then listen (again!). Work again
And at the end, to listen again. . Follow as much customers we can support to achieve their short-term goals as they planned.

Focus on services we are performing the best
Grow with our customers or proudly die with them on market battle
Building the network of reliable partners we can rely on
Looking on the global market for trendsetters and walk with them side-by-side
Strive for the best, be satisfied with (at)least



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